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Cloud Computing

Many people use the word,cloud computing, cloud servers, cloud apps, etc. but they do not know what it is.I hope that this post will get a good idea of all cloud computing.
Cloud computing means that the resources of the computer hardware and software services are provided through a network. Getting a little easier to say. Suppose a company have 1,000 employee data (name, photo, address, age, etc.) and want to keep accounts of their salaries. If you simply need to do? Buy a customized software, and should be kept data to the hard disk space. But in the cloud, you just pay the monthly fee without buying additional hardware and software. you can actually work online. It’s called cloud computing.It is strange to think there is no need for any software or hardware in the cloud computing !!!

Cloud computing is much more beneficial for any type of business.Because any type of business software is now available in the Cloud. For example CRM, HR, Accounting & Custom Built Apps etc.It may be that in a few days will not have any software that can not be used in the cloud.

There are basically 4 types of cloud computing. For example:

  1. Public cloud
  2. Hybrid cloud
  3. Private cloud
  4. Community cloud

What is the name of the later ones can be abbreviated? I’ll say a word.


  • Public cloud: Public cloud is a kind of cloud services, which can be used by the general public.
  • Private cloud: Private cloud is that people can use just any particular organization.
  • Hybrid cloud: It is made of a mixture of both public and private.
  • Community cloud: It can be used by multiple organizations.

There are different types of cloud computing. For example:

  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)
  • Storage as a service (STaaS)
  • Software as a service (SaaS)
  • Test environment as a service (TEaaS)
  • Desktop as a service (DaaS)
  • Platform as a service (PaaS)
  • Security as a service (SECaaS)
  • Data as a service (DaaS)
  • API as a service (APIaaS)

Most of the references in the SaaS, PaaS, IaaS cloud computing has included these three.


Some Advantages of Cloud Computing:

  • Low Cost: Since it does not require a separate purchase any software or hardware. The cost will be less than the normal way.
  • Easy-to-use: Cloud computing tasks can be controlled via a mobile sitting anywhere, so it’s easy to use.
  • Auto Software Update: Cloud computing software is not necessary to update .They are auto-updated. So no need to do maintenance costs.
  • Use as much as much as costs: Cloud Computing will use and enjoy just as much as you pay for the money you will need. Whether or not that is possible in desktop computing.
  • Document Control: Suppose if any office has no cloud computing system but manage or control the office management file or document need to people. And transfer to one place to another place. but this is the type of cloud computing, there is no problem. The Document can be Control without all the extra people.
  • Full Secure: The Cloud Computing is fully secure because there is no chance to distroyed or loosing your data. Laptop or computer is lost. The hard drive becomes corrupted, etc. Cloud computing completely free from the problem.

There are some popular Cloud computing applications and services describes in bellow:

Outright: Outright is a finance application. It is very easy to used for small business accounts. Business profits, loss, income, consumption expenditure, etc.

Google Apps: Google Apps gives you a lot of advantages, such as the cruise documents, create spreadsheets, create slide shows, calendars maintenance, allows you to create a personal e-mail, etc.

Evernote: Notes a variety of organizations to easily control, to be used anywhere, Evernote is very useful to use the notes.

Quickbooks: Quickbooks is a kind of accounts software. The cache control, budget, business reports, etc., to This, is given very good support for cache control, profit & loss, Invoicing, budget, business reports, etc

Moo: Easily through the beautiful business cards, postcards, mini cards, etc. can be made. They even offer printing service.

Toggl: This is a time tracking application. it is used for control and timing of the project. How much time it took to build the project, a sector known how much time goes by all accounts.

Box.net: Box.net is a very nice service. It can be controlled with any type device. It can be used any file to sitting anywhere.

Skype: Skype has computer into the phone. Talking through a computer from anywhere in the world, such as allowing video chat.

Mozy: It is very popular app for online backup. You can also backup your files in online for expense few money.

DropBox: This is very popular useful services. You can tell the virtual hard disk. This means that you can keep any type of file, and you can control it easily from any place to any PC. mobile or tab. You can share your files with others.

In fact, cloud computing’s a big thing.I sat and read a lot about it. It’s such a big thing, and I do not know of all about this. I got grabbed a part of in front of you.In short, I have tried to highlight in a way that is clear to you on the subject of cloud computing.


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