seo training course outline



Sl No

Unit Code Unit  of Competency (UoC)Title UoC Level

Nominal Duration in hrs

Generic- Compulsory
1 SEO M1 GC What is Search Engine Beginner 8 minutes
2 SEO M1 GC Why we use Search Engines Beginner 8 minutes
3 SEO M1 GC What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Beginner 5 minutes
4 SEO M1 GC Why does my website need SEO? Beginner 8 minutes
5 SEO M1 GC Why can’t the search engines figure out my site without SEO? Beginner 10 minutes
6 SEO M1 GC The Importance of Networking Beginner 6 minutes
7 SEO M1 GC The necessity of Branding & Exposure Beginner
8 SEO M1 GC Can I do SEO for myself or my business? Beginner 7 minutes
9 SEO M1 GC Order of SEO Beginner 8 minutes
Occupation Specific Knowledge(trade theory) –Compulsory
10 SEO M1 OSK Setting up and planning for your Targeted Audience to Obtain the Maximum Output. Intermediate 20 minutes
11 SEO M1 OSK Maintaining your audience by applying the best possible methods to increase networking, authority, trust, branding & exposure. Intermediate 20 minutes
12 SEO M1 OSK Interacting with your audience to increase the user engagement within your blog/website. Intermediate 10 minutes
13 SEO M1 OSK Creating a Blog on your preferred niche and blog about what you love. Intermediate 20 minutes
14 SEO M1 OSK Scheduling the time frame For your incredible Blogging Profession. Intermediate 20 minutes
Occupation Specific Skills(practical/demonstration)- Compulsory
15 SEO M1 PR Making of Your First  Blog with Blogger CMS by Implementing the Pros and Cons of SEO Practical 10 minutes.
16 SEO M1 PR Figuring out  the key features and fundamental elements of a blog Practical 8 minutes
17 SEO M1 PR Applying the Must Do’s After Starting A blog Practical 7 minutes
18 SEO M1 PR Selecting and Finding Out the Perfect Template having Search Engine Friendly features Practical 10 minutes
19 SEO M1 PR Creating the Must To Have pages in a Blog That You Should Never Avoid Practical 10 minutes
20 SEO M1 PR Live checking of few Sample Blogger blogs at a glance for a transparent concept Practical 10 minutes
21 SEO M1 PR Making of Your First  Blog with WordPress CMS:

  • Domain pointing to hosting server
  • Adding domain on cPanel using “Addon Domain”
  • Installing WordPress
  • Uploading and installing Themes
  • Installing important WP plugins
  • Publishing and optimizing articles in WordPress CMS
  • Managing WordPress SEO plugin while publishing articles/contents.
Practical 35 minutes


Module 2: Keyword/Market Research

Total Duration: 6 Hrs

Sl No Unit Code Unit  of Competency (UoC)Title UoC Level Nominal Duration in hrs
Generic Compulsory
22 SEO M2 GC Introducing Keyword Research & tools in the market Beginner 3 minutes
23 SEO M2 GC Importance of using Paid & Free tool versions Beginner 2 minutes
24 SEO M2 GC To find the best keyword for SEO Beginner 3 minutes
25 SEO M2 GC To understand competition Beginner 2 minutes
26 SEO M2 GC To plan Offpage SEO and Link Building Strategy Beginner 3 minutes
27 SEO M2 GC To find the best keyword to advertise Beginner 2 minutes
28 SEO M2 GC To find topics for blogging Beginner 3 minutes
29 SEO M2 GC For planning your social media marketing Beginner 2 minutes
30 SEO M2 GC For planning and designing your site structure Beginner 5 minutes
31 SEO M2 GC For copywriting and write-ups for your website Beginner 5 minutes
32 SEO M2 GC Find global search volume for specific keyword Beginner 5 minutes
33 SEO M2 GC Find country based/local search volume for specific keyword Beginner 5 minutes
34 SEO M2 GC Find the competition of the keyword Beginner 5 minutes
35 SEO M2 GC Find the PPC Bid price of the keyword Beginner 5 minutes
36 SEO M2 GC Find local search/ general search trends Beginner 5 minutes
37 SEO M2 GC Find effective, easy & hard to target keywords Beginner 5 minutes
Occupation Specific Knowledge(trade theory) –Compulsory
38 SEO M2 OSK Hunting your initial Keywords to rank your website in the Google Search Result page In a proper approach. Beginner 5 minutes
39 SEO M2 OSK Classifying the Keywords According to Their Types:-

  • Product or Service Keywords
  • Brand Keywords
  • Modifier Keywords
  • Entity Keywords
  • Geographic Keywords
  • Demographic Segmented Keywords
  • Call to Action Keywords
  • Educational Keywords
  • B2B Keywords

Compound & Other Keywords

Beginner 5 minutes
40 SEO M2 OSK Applying KW Research Thumb rule to identify the best keywords to start with. Beginner 5 minutes
41 SEO M2 OSK Obtaining the killer concept to analyze the market competition to research keywords:-

  • Allintitle concept
  • Idea from Search Engine
  • KW in URL
  • KW in page meta description
5 minutes
42 SEO M2 OSK Implementing the Concept of “Keyword Rich Domain” to Select the Perfect Domain on Your Preferred niche. Intermediate 5 minutes
43 SEO M2 OSK Having the positive Impact of EMD in terms of ranking Intermediate 10 minutes
44 SEO M2 OSK Planning and Developing of a KW based website. Decorating the Website Structure along with site navigation to make it more and more SEO and user-friendly. Selecting Domain to make it user and Search Engine Friendly. Intermediate 10 minutes
45 SEO M2 OSK Getting relevant KW ideas from Google instant & related searches to gather more specific keyword concepts. Intermediate 10 minutes
46 SEO M2 OSK Understanding what KWs your competitors are using to get their website ranked in the Google Search Results Intermediate 10 minutes
47 SEO M2 OSK Applying anchor text effectively to understand the power & value of it. Intermediate 10 minutes
48 SEO M2 OSK Measuring Keyword Density using some tools & its Calculation formula Intermediate 10 minutes
49 SEO M2 OSK Emphasizing Keywords using text modifiers to make it more powerful Intermediate 10 minutes
50 SEO M2 OSK Application and a brief Discussion on Long Tail KWs (LTK) to get more targeted traffic. Intermediate 9 minutes
51 SEO M2 OSK Identifying Long tail Keywords with paid keyword tool. Intermediate 4 minutes
52 SEO M2 OSK Identification Procedure and proper Implementation of LSI keywords. Intermediate 8 minutes
53 SEO M2 OSK Practical utilization of LSI in your content to make it more Optimized and standardized. Intermediate 4 minutes
Occupation Specific Skills(practical/demonstration)- Compulsory
54 SEO M2 PR Using Google Keyword Planner Tool with Practical hands-on demonstration. Practical 60 minutes
55 SEO M2 PR Application of Paid Keyword Tool to find out the goldmine strategy to research perfect keywords. Practical 60 minutes
56 SEO M2 PR Looking the projects at Marketplace on Keyword Research and get to know about your capability & working opportunity. Practical 30 minutes
57 SEO M2 PR Establishing you as an Elite Keyword Researcher by studying Marketplace profiles of established freelancers. Practical 30 minutes



Module 3: On-Page Optimization

Total Duration: 8 Hrs

Sl No Unit Code Unit  of Competency (UoC)Title UoC Level Nominal Duration in hrs
Generic- Compulsory
58 SEO M3 GC Basics of On-Page Optimization Beginner 15 mins
59 SEO M3 GC On-Page Optimization elements & factors Beginner 15 mins
60 SEO M3 GC Title Tag Optimization

  • Length
  • Duplicate issue
  • Relevancy
Beginner 20 mins
61 SEO M3 GC Idea on Stuffing Keywords in title tag and why it’s a bad SEO practice Beginner 15 mins
62 SEO M3 GC Analysis of the latest updates regarding Title Tag Optimization Beginner 15 mins
63 SEO M3 GC The Pixel rule & calculation procedure using online resource or tool Beginner 10 mins
64 SEO M3 GC Swapping of the Post title & the blog title in blog to make it more optimized for the Search Engine Beginner 30 mins
Occupation Specific Knowledge(trade theory) –Compulsory
65 SEO M3 OSK Knowing the idea about Meta Description Tag

  • Length
  • Duplicate issue
  • Relevancy
  • KW implementation in MDT
Intermediate 10 mins
66 SEO M3 OSK Evaluating Meta Keyword Tags and getting the clear idea on the topic Intermediate 10 mins
67 SEO M3 OSK Application and significance of Meta Keywords Tag from Search Engine perspective Intermediate 10 mins
68 SEO M3 OSK Checking of the Meta tags using various online meta tag checker tools or manually Intermediate 10 mins
69 SEO M3 OSK Swapping of the tags and The usage of Heading Tags in Intermediate 10 mins
70 SEO M3 OSK Reducing Bounce Rate of Your Blog

  • Knowing the Bounce Rate concept
  • Step by step process to reduce bounce rate.
Intermediate 10 mins
71 SEO M3 OSK Image ALT Tag:

  • Knowing the image ALT tag concept
  • Procedure to make image SEO friendly
  • Adding image ALT & title tag in blogger
  • Checking with tool if image alt tag is implemented or not
Intermediate 20 min
72 SEO M3 OSK Selecting an Exact Match Domain for Blogging and knowing the value and weight of having an EMD. Intermediate 10 min
73 SEO M3 OSK Internal Linking:

  • Knowing about the Internal Linking concept
  • Internal Linking at its best usage
  • Showcasing good Internal Linking practices
  • Internal Linking
Intermediate 10 min
74 SEO M3 OSK The making of a perfectly optimized page and step by step procedure. Intermediate 20 mins
Occupation Specific Skills(practical/demonstration)- Compulsory
75 SEO M3 PR Applying Title Tag Optimization Techniques on your blog to evaluate the knowledge gained. Practical 10 mins
76 SEO M3 PR Applying an optimized title tag with your targeted keywords following the proper steps Practical 10 mins
77 SEO M3 PR Applying of Pixel rule and later checking if it has been implemented using the pixel checking tool 5 mins
78 SEO M3 PR Checking of Keyword stuffing in title tag to make sure you don’t violate the guideline Practical 5 mins
79 SEO M3 PR Making sure and check that you have properly done the Post title & blog title swapping in and your post title comes before your blog title in Search Engine Result Page. Practical 10 mins
80 SEO M3 PR Checking the application of meta keywords tag in to ensure proper understanding of the participants. Practical 20 mins
81 SEO M3 PR Applying Meta Description Tag on your blog to evaluate the knowledge gained.

  • The Length/Character Issue
  • Duplicate issue checking
  • Relevancy checking
Practical 20 mins
82 SEO M3 PR Checking of Keyword stuffing in the Meta Description Ta area of your blogs. Practical 15 mins
83 SEO M3 PR Checking  proper application of Heading Tags for Post title, blog title, sidebar and tags swapping in Practical 15 mins
84 SEO M3 PR Application of H1,H2,H3 & up to H4 tags in various parts of blog Practical 20 mins
85 SEO M3 PR Setting up your Custom Permalink before publishing the Contents on the blog Practical 10 mins
86 SEO M3 PR Learning the application of Fetch As Googlebot feature in Google Webmasters & knowing of its necessity. Practical 20 mins
87 SEO M3 PR Applying the Internal Linking practice in your blog to ensure the idea of Internal Linking is clear. Practical 20 mins
88 SEO M3 PR Learning what a Sitemap is:

  • Generating & submitting a sitemap in for Blogger blogs using Google Webmasters
  • Submitting via Root Folder or by using plugin
Practical 30 mins
89 SEO M3 PR Learning about the application of robots.txt and know how the codes work and where to place the file. Practical 30 mins


Module 4: Content Optimization

Total Duration: 3 Hrs

Sl No Unit Code Unit  of Competency (UoC)Title UoC Level Nominal Duration in hrs
Generic- Compulsory
90 SEO M4 GC Making an action plan for an optimized content Beginner 10 mins
91 SEO M4 GC A brief idea and discussion on Content Siloing and how it works from content optimization perspective Beginner 10 mins
92 SEO M4 GC Getting an idea on how to write Clever post titles Beginner 20 mins
93 SEO M4 GC Complete knowledge on Google Panda Update , how it works, and its impact on thin quality sites:


  • What is Google Panda and why it was brought?
  • Know about the different versions of the Update
20 mins
Occupation Specific Knowledge(trade theory) –Compulsory
94 SEO M4 OSK Learning the killer steps of how to write content and make it more standardized, appealing and traffic driven. Intermediate 60 mins
Occupation Specific Skills(practical/demonstration)- Compulsory
95 SEO M4 PR Checking duplicate content using tools and learn using various other content checking metrics. Practical 20 mins
96 SEO M4 PR Practical Hands-on writing an optimized Content to your Blog Practical 40 mins


Module 5: Off-Page Optimization

Total Duration: 15Hrs

Sl No Unit Code Unit  of Competency (UoC)Title UoC Level Nominal Duration in hrs.
Generic- Compulsory
97 SEO M5 GC Idea on Do-follow & No-follow Links

Backlink Age & Authority

Example of good and bad backlinks

Beginner 5 minutes
98 SEO M5 GC Idea & introduction to Web 2.0 properties:


  • Knowing about the design and structure of your Web 2.0 and the idea of syndicating content using the platform
  • Sample Web 2.0 blogs for better understanding the idea
Beginner 5 minutes
99 SEO M5 GC What is Directory Submission and its SEO advantages? Beginner 5 minutes
100 SEO M5 GC Knowledge sharing on Yahoo Answers and on other type of Q/A sites Beginner 5 minutes
102 SEO M5 GC Forum Posting:

  • What is a Forum
  • Different category of Forums
  • Golden rules and facts of forums
  • Forum Posting Works and how it’s related to SEO/Link-building
Beginner 5 minutes
103 SEO M5 GC Social Bookmarking and related materials to drive targeted Visitors Beginner 5 minutes
104 SEO M5 GC Link Wheel:

  • What is Link Wheel
  • Traditional Link  Building Vs Link Wheel
  • Why we Use Link Wheel
  • What Does A Link Wheel Do
  • Creating Link Wheel
  • Closed Link Wheel
  • Open Link Wheels or Horseshoe
  • Random Link Wheel
  • What type of content for Link Wheel
  • promoting Link wheel
  • Time frame to see results
  • Useful tips regarding link wheel
Beginner 10 minutes
105 SEO M5 GC Blog Commenting and related materials for your Website or Your Client site Beginner 10 minutes
106 SEO M5 GC Introduction to Guest Blogging/Guest Posting with its importance and SEO benefit.


Reading rules carefully before submitting your articles

Beginner 10 minutes
107 SEO M5 GC Complete idea on Tiered Link Building and proper way of doing it to increase backlinks to your site. Beginner 10 minutes
108 SEO M5 GC Discussion on:

a.             Reverse Engineering Method to find out what backlinks competitors are building and where

b.            Article directories – getting the idea clear and know how submitting articles to directions can help build backlinks

c.             Video Submission – Knowing the concept on how you can get backlinks by submitting videos to different video sharing sites.

d.            Document Submissions – Understanding how document submission can aid to get quality backlinks

Beginner 10 minutes
109 SEO M5 GC Learning about the major Search Engine Ranking factors to know what parameters Google takes into consideration for ranking a page. 20 minutes
110 SEO M5 GC Complete knowledge on Google Penguin Update , how it works, and its impact on bad quality backlinks.


  • What is Google Penguin and why it was brought?
  • Know about the different versions of the Update
  • Identifying site penalization and knowing about the recovery process after site getting hit by Penguin
20 minutes
Occupation Specific Knowledge(trade theory) –Compulsory
111 SEO M5 OSK Finding a List of High PR Web 2.0 Sites so later it can be used for the purpose of link building using the channels. Intermediate 25 minutes
112 SEO M5 OSK Link Building strategy using Web 2.0 Properties Intermediate 10 minutes
113 SEO M5 OSK Finding niche specific directory submission sites

Listing of your site in DMOZ and in other directories

Showing a sample report of DR submission work

Intermediate 25 minutes
114 SEO M5 OSK Learning the steps to find niche related forums to participate and boost up promotion Intermediate 30 minutes
115 SEO M5 OSK Monitor how an Indian Company operates their Link Building Services (Social Bookmarking): This is to get Industry idea. Intermediate 30 minutes
116 SEO M5 OSK Learning the application of RSS Directory Submission Intermediate 30 minutes
117 SEO M5 OSK Learning the proper steps to find targeted and niche related guest blogs by using the exact searching codes. Intermediate 50 minutes
118 SEO M5 OSK Learning from Tutorial videos on Tiered Link Building to get the concept clearer before working on the practical project. Intermediate 40 minutes
Occupation Specific Skills(practical/demonstration)- Compulsory
119 SEO M5 PR Building small blog networks using web2.0 Property:

  • Web 2.0 creation along with Article posting, Creating backlinks, Submitting Web 2.0 property indifferent Social Platforms.
Practical 60 minutes
120 SEO M5 PR Practically doing a directory submission work to show the steps from the start to end. Practical 60 minutes
121 SEO M5 PR Building links practically on platforms like Yahoo Answers & Quora Practical 60 minutes
122 SEO M5 PR Selecting a particular forum and making a post on it with signature link and building a backlink with your preferred anchor text. Practical 60 minutes
123 SEO M5 PR Making List of Social Bookmarking Sites and practically doing it to get the idea fully clear. Practical 60 minutes
124 SEO M5 PR Practical making of a link wheel with 3 Web 2.0 ensuring one content on each and 2 links from it. Practical 60 minutes
125 SEO M5 PR Making live comments on blogs to make sure trainees can later find related blogs and make comments on them building backlinks Practical 60 minutes
126 SEO M5 PR Application of the techniques to make a professional niche related guest blog lists and making an organized report before delivering to the client. Practical 60 minutes
127 SEO M5 PR Demonstrating the application of Google Link Disavow Tool and learning how to send reconsideration request to get rid of harmful backlinks Practical 60 minutes


Module 6: Competition Analysis & Tools, Add-On’s & Extensions (Google Webmasters Tool & Google Analytics)


Total Duration: 8 Hrs

Sl No Unit Code Unit  of Competency (UoC)Title UoC Level Nominal Duration in hrs
Generic- Compulsory
128 SEO M6 GC The basics to know about Competition Analysis Beginner 10 minutes
129 SEO M6 GC Find Who Your SEO Competitors Are Beginner 10 minutes
130 SEO M6 GC Introduction to Google Webmaster Tools Beginner 10 minutes
131 SEO M6 GC Google Analytics Introduction Beginner 15 minutes
132 SEO M6 GC Getting familiar with other handy web analysis tools Beginner 15 minutes
Occupation Specific Knowledge(trade theory) –Compulsory
133 SEO M6 GC Visiting your competitor’s site and analyzing possible parameters and metrics to know their strength and value at where they stand. Intermediate 30 minutes
134 SEO M6 GC Analyzing the keywords Competitors are Using for their SEO and pick idea from there to make your own strategy. Intermediate 30 minutes
135 SEO M6 GC Checking the backlinks of your competitor site to see how strong and worthy they are along with other important SEO factors. Intermediate 30 minutes
136 SEO M6 GC Evaluating Competition’s Presence on Social Media to plan your part of the Social Media Marketing strategy. Intermediate 30 minutes
Occupation Specific Skills(practical/demonstration)- Compulsory
138 SEO M6 GC Live demonstration and analysis of how competitors are using PPC Ads and get to know what should be your role. Practical 35 minutes
139 SEO M6 GC Applying the following major SEO elements, metrics & parameters in your Competitor analysis report file for yourself/the client:

  • Main Keywords
  • Monthly Search Volume
  • Similar Website Ranking
  • Pages with < 20 Backlinks
  • Pages with Exact Keyword/s in Title
  • No. of sites with Homepage
  • No. of pages with PA <30
  • 1st Page Competitor URLs
  • PR of page
  • Moz Page Authority
  • Moz Domain Authority
  • Link Count
  • Who Is Domain Age
Practical 25 minutes
140 SEO M6 GC Putting your findings based on the analysis and your remarks on the SEO competition Practical 5 minutes
141 SEO M6 GC Applying the following major Social presence/activity/popularity parameters or signals of Competitor links:

  • FB Likes
  • FB Shares
  • Google +1
  • Twitter
  • StumbleUpon
  • LinkedIn

Practice live with software/tool to see how to fetch all the above data for your research.

Practical 25 minutes
142 SEO M6 GC Putting your findings based on the analysis and your remarks on the Social Media competition. Practical 10 minutes
143 SEO M6 GC Setting up Google Webmaster Tools for your site and learn about the applications of its basic features. Practical 100 minutes
144 SEO M6 GC Setting up Google Analytics for your site and learn about the applications of its basic features to plan your next strategy. Practical 100 minutes


Module 7: Monetization & Career Opportunities

Total Duration: 4 Hrs

Sl No Unit Code Unit  of Competency (UoC)Title UoC Level Nominal Duration in hrs
Generic- Compulsory
145 SEO M7 GC Getting to know how you can earn money using your site/blog Beginner 60 minutes
Occupation Specific Knowledge(trade theory) –Compulsory
146 SEO M7 OSK Earning from your site/blog using different Advertisement Networks (International & Local) Intermediate 30 minutes
147 SEO M7 OSK Earn by Writing paid articles/sponsored posts or articles in your blog Intermediate 5 minutes
148 SEO M7 OSK Make money Selling Your Own Ad Space Directly to Advertisers Intermediate 5 minutes
149 SEO M7 OSK Learning the procedures of how you can earn from different Affiliate programs or offers using your website/blog Intermediate 5 minutes
150 SEO M7 OSK Knowing the steps of how you can earn money by website/blog Flipping method. Intermediate 5 minutes
151 SEO M7 OSK Make a living by just giving professional answers on different industry (you must be an industry expert) Intermediate 5 minutes
152 SEO M7 OSK Get to know how you can earn money by selling your own Ebooks through your site or directly from Amazon Marketplace. Intermediate 5 minutes
Occupation Specific Skills(practical/demonstration)- Compulsory
153 SEO M7 PR Learning a step by step guideline on how you can make a successful blog on a profitable niche and earn money from it. Practical 60 minutes
154 SEO M7 PR Case study of a successful blogger who is earning from scratch. (Sites and strategies will be demonstrated) for better understanding Practical 60 minutes


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