What is New features that Apple releases IOS 9


New features that Apple releases IOS 9

After a lot of days  iOS 9 has finally opened for Apple mobile devices. Consumers considering the great changes and new features allege the version of iOS 9. Let us know what you are new changes and features to Apple’s iOS 9 version.
Apple’s new operating system iOS -9 (ios 9) are versions of Maps, Siri, and major changes in the search tools. There are also more than 30 small changes are as follows:

  1. Apple iOS 9’s cloud storage service Cloud Drive app I can add to the home screen. The file system has been very quick to give somebody.
  2. Standard credit card payments, as well as Apple Pay has been further strengthened.
  3. A little before that iOS app has been using the system to go back to the 9 (iOS 9). Previous work by the end of the current can again go back to the previous app effortlessly.
  4. Watch your smartphone to use the most expensive thing on battery power. The new IOS 9 low battery usage options, use battery-view information about all measures have been taken.
  5. According to Apple, the App refresh settings of any background or not visual effects, lowering or removing the battery if you do not have at least three hours.
  6. Amusing Change in a calendar. Restaurants reservation and flight schedule to show the calendar.
  7. When a call from an unknown number of digital voice assistant “Siri” will try to identify the number. If you bring out your number to an e-mail Siri.
  8. Serie nose melt away a lot of your work. This feature has been brought to handle voice activation. Do not interfere without instructions Siri iOS 9 (iOS 9).
  9. Give your photos by date to find out Siri.
  10. You can find what you want to do in the future and will be able to understand Siri.
  11. Siri is able to recognize some of the voices in education.
  12. ‘News’, a new app has been pre-installed in the new IOS. Now the sad news from a variety of sources, the sad app or not. Apple allows apps task.
  13. Apple Pay can be used in all places, which will help you to find out whether the new IOS.
  14. In fact, there are no pictures in the form of attachments can Arts. The new iOS app new mail may do so from now on.
  15. The new system will cover some of the images quickly.
  16. Notwithstanding, as the speed of your Internet tie, you can listen to music of high quality.
  17. One finger touches the images can highlight a group.
  18. Safari has been given the refresh button to get back to the desktop site.
  19. From now through Siri stock price, sports scores and mathematical support to the new operating system.
  20. The group will receive notification of a new app.
  21. Touch ID security arrangements have been made for a six-digit passcode.
  22. The new app can switch from one app to another arrangement has been kept.
  23. To make calls, send text and numbers Facetime can see it very quickly.
  24. New album has been for the Selfie and screenshots.
  25. After writing the first letter of the next word is a word you would have to press a button anew. From now on, you do not have to do this.
  26. Apple maps from one place to another place, this time in the direction can be found in the street. This is a big change in the new system.
  27. To choose an address from the email archive all you can and send them to the trash can.
  28. Suggestions that Siri will be able to stop it.
  29. Wi-Fi connection that is faster than the connection, the connection to the new system has been selected.
  30. The video can be zoomed. Earlier, only the picture would be zoomed.




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