How to run mac on windows


How are you today? Today I will share with you a simple but amusing trick. Now I am showing you how to set up Mac OS X on your windows based computer.

First, you need to download some files.I gave the link below to download files.

Now you have to do is; I put down step by step. You will be successful if you do exactly way that I have done

Step 1: You first install RocketDock on your computer.It is common installation system.Wait until complete the software installation. After installation, restart your computer.Now, if your computer’s desktop show like as the given image below, you are successful.


Step 2: The second number is the step, we will install the skin.Extract the file to be downloaded to the skin.Extract the files to be copied with the folder C: \ Skin Pack \ RocketDock \ Skins and paste it in.

Step 3: Now on your desktop, go to Doc Settings from the tray.Style Theme of the Mac OS X Leopard Skin from the drop-down menu, select Save.

Step 4: Now we are in the last step.At Lion Transformation Pack 1.0 Double click the file to open and install.It is similar to normal software installation.After installing open the app. A window will appear as the image below.


Just leave everything to Set Windows X’s Live as the default homepage, click install with unchecked. Now your work is finish.

If the above steps are completed successfully, Now you welcome to the Mac World.


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