How to reduce site load time


How to reduce site load time

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Website loading time is very important for search engine optimization. If your site takes too much time for loading your visitor will disappointed. As a result, your site bounce rate will be high. It’s a fact for your site rank.

Today I come up you for showing how to reduce page load time and how to reduce bounce rate.

  1. 301 Redirects:  For the redirect page takes longer to load. So just a redirect only necessary URL don’t make unnecessary URL  for redirect.
  2. Magnify your codes: html element, CDATA section white space, unnecessary tag, and decrease empty element.The reduced size of the page is loaded quickly.The white part of the website’s content will be more that loads your page quickly.
  3. Remove broken Link:  Delete Broken links from your website. For this your website gets search. As a results your site gets pressure. In addition, also for the broken Link’s code of stale websites takes a time to load.
  4. Image Optimization: It’s true that a picture is more than a thousand of words. So some use to describe the picture is very good.Some photos could stand to be causing problems for the server.So, no more than the background color you should use the simple graphics. Always should be saved picture in web format. so the image size can be reduced.The image height and width should be determined.If you are in need of good quality pictures JPEG format images can be used.And in the case of PNG format images of a good quality logo should be used.If there are a jpg format images using JPEG Compressor tools, it will reduce the size. One of best Image compressor tools is tinyJPG .
  5. Optimize all large files: Flash files, videos, large files should be optimized.An Editor should be used for the program.There are many options with which it can reduce the size of the file.You should see how your competitors reduce their file size.
  6. Keep Design and Interface Simple: Website design should be used very simple. so that your website page weight will be short. and your site will be load faster.

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