How to Make a Successful YouTube Channel?


Going forward with a new YouTube channel is difficult. Initially, there is no view, no subscriber & there is no popularity. So it becomes more complicated. In this field need plenty of patience and the ability to work. By following a few things in mind can reduce a lot of troubles to get this job.

Before starting the work, you have to need some of following software and the essential step that’s I mentioned under bellow.

  1. Screen Video Recording Software: I will suggest you to use Camtasia software for recording video. I am also personally using it. You can Screen Video Recording with the Basic level to edit.
  1. Video Editing Software: You can start editing with the Camtasia. It also has a better than Windows Movie Maker for editing. Advanced Editing Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects for the better.
  1. Photo Editing Software: especially create Thumbnail need to a Photo Editing Software. Adobe Photoshop is one of the best software for photo editing.
  1. Camera: There is no need to have the camera. But also to improve the quality of the video camera can be used best. Viewers believe the video of a man with a description of the physiognomy of more than just the word. As a result of the rapid increase in the Subscriber and followers.
  1. A YouTube channel: Then just create a YouTube channel.

Advance Part:
 Attractive channel Name: Channel name is very important part of YouTube. If you do not like the name of the channel in your channel, there is no better stage before it can be broken.

If your channel name is not good, there is no better stage before it becomes popular. Place different from everyone else’s name. Prior to any channel, whose name was not made? If you don’t get the channel name, slow stroll thinks, then select. Put the name of the channel, which will mean something to people one word would you express the properties of the channel. Please do not use the keyword with the name of the channel never perfectly. It will no longer make a profit.

Unique: Channel cover, Profile Picture, Description, Home Customization certainly keep improving. The name of the channel and with each other so that each object is completely fit and looks beautiful.

Lots of videos: If you have no view there is not going to stop. Videos can be uploaded and it will certainly be better quality video.

Do not waste time: Every second is precious seconds of video is always valuable. There’s never a second of your viewers would not be disturbed. If the viewer fell disturbed they will bounce. Bounce rate below 70% is regarded as having a negative.

Proper use of Social Media: Nowadays The modern life people using facebook, twitter, Instagram, more than Google, Youtube. So carry out more social media.

The right time to a published video: A certain time audience engages on the channel video. The general view of more than 40% + of view can be found at that time. Channel viewers depend on time, language and interest. For example, I talked to the channel, the channel most of my viewers comes from the US, Canada, and India. So I published most of my video every week Sunday and Tuesday, and a video left on Friday. Thus, you can select your particular time.

Proper video SEO: Popularity 60% + depending on the channel on video SEO. If you would like to get a better view, do video SEO. Quality is dependent on the rest of the content.

Thumbnails: viewer to see the thumbnails of the YouTube video before watching the video. This thumbnails viewer can see 1-2 seconds. This is as good as the view of the fall in 1-2 seconds, the more Thumbnail view so as it will be good. You can make a thumbnail with adobe Photoshop.

Secret Tips: Now the question may be, how can I get first viewers? Where did I get from First Viewers? Having SEO, I don’t get viewers.

For this reason Special Tips for you. This is the “COMMENTS”. To comment others similar video but don’t make spam giving your video link on that comment. Such as Nice, Awesome, I like this video, Thank u for the tips. This could be a relevant example; your video is really helpful. Hope my videos can also help people like that. But to write such a way that there is no such thing. While many people make spam comments doing like this. Better than only “Very helpful, thanks” write to good. As a result, when a man going to view those video, see the comments on your channel. Official Name and Profile Picture will encourage him to see what the channel. It will also have your own entertainment & work also.

The most important thing: There are no drugs on the quality of the video. If the video quality is good, once come top 20 ranking of the video none can’t stop you.


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