How to increase subscribers and view on youtube channel


Increase subscribers and view on Youtube channel

YouTube Video Marketing is a boon to those who want to start a business with youtube. Any type of product or service to the customer’s eyes closed is always ahead of the social network YouTube.YouTube marketing is the view of the values and subscribers.Therefore, the main focus of today’s post are tips that will increase your channel views and subscribers quickly –

  1. Regularly upload videos and set it to a specific time. If you upload the video on every Sunday and your viewers hope to come every Sunday. Beside regular video uploads will be another reason whenever a new video come on each time and the subscribers receive notification.
  2. Each video uploaded to your Facebook post (don’t share link just embed share). Because very few people went out to see your video. He went on Facebook and became your view.
  3. Keep your video title in 50 characters. If your video title over 50 characters the title will be cut. The viewer can not properly understand the impact of search results. So you may lose your video.
  4. Embed videos on your blog. This increase, as well as view your videos on your blog and your blog readers will increase, as will increase the channel Authority.
  5. Keep a small space in your normal video. Keep in 3 minutes. To see the large video viewer is not interested.
  6. Before choosing any of the keywords for the video, and choose a Google search with the keywords. Guests watched a video in the first place, then there is a chance to get your video in Google rank first.
  7. Take your video playlists as well as allowing threads. Use keywords assigned to the playlist’s name in your videos. This playlist will help Google rank.
  8. Give Intro all of your videos. It will help to achieve your channel and increase channel subscribers Authority.
  9. Off course put your keyword on all your video and keyword relevant video.

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