How to be a Freelancer the Right Way 


Freelancing (or call it Outsourcing) is a great way to earn money online. It is a way to learn about new technology, techniques and world standards.

In the freelancing world, some freelancers earn just less than 1 dollar per hour.

…and some freelancers earn more than $150 per hour.

Why is this difference?

A person who just wants to take jobs just because they want to “Earn” without learning from the experience is going to earn a few dollars his/hers entire life.

On the other side,

One who can keep on improving their selves with education, practice and communication will build up more than just freelancing jobs. They will be rewarded with higher salary, permanent contracts and worldwide reputation.

You can learn all about how to make a freelance profile, how to bid on jobs and how to get clients,


If you don’t have the skills, you are always going to stay at the bottom of the pit.

So go ahead and start improving your skills first,

You need to learn English,

English as a Secondary Language

Voice of America, American English

BBC Janala English for Bangladeshis

PhraseMix English learning

The next step is to learn some basics about computers and the internet,

Computer basics

Interactive Computer Basics Class

Learn Microsoft Office

When  you comfortable with your English and Computer skills, now what?

Go ahead and start learning some skills related to your work. If you want to offer web development, learn web development. If you want to offer writing services, learn how to write.

Web development,

Graphics design,

Content writing,

Search Engine Optimization,

Now that you have enough skills in English, Computers and in your chosen field,

Start freelancing with a marketplace, (I suggest Upwork)

How does it feel to become a freelancer?

“If you ask me then yes that really feels great. I am sitting at my table in front of my computer. No boss, no office no time table, I eliminated the 9-5 job lifestyle. Freelancing does works and one who has some skills can earn serious money on the internet.

Just registering on a freelance marketplace will not guarantee you any work, you have to build up your profile:

“Your hourly rate is important. It should not be too low or too high. People, who join freelance marketplaces like Upwork or elance, make a big mistake by charging less money per hour. Avoid this mistake…

Then once you have built your freelance profile, you have to learn how to bid and write cover letters:

“In order to get the job in Upwork, you have to think like a winner, a solution provider. Only bid on jobs that you think you can do.

And after you have a done a great job and earned some money, you may want to withdraw the funds. A very convenient way to withdraw the funds from freelance sites is through the Payoneer MasterCard. It is a real ATM card that you can use on any ATM booths. Here are some helpful instructions:

But! Before you get a card, make sure you have worked and enough funds to put in your card. Otherwise, the card will become invalid.I know all these are going to be a lot of hard work, But this awesome new lifestyle that you are going to get is worth it. As you can see I already did some leg work by finding the top and free resources for you, now you have to take action! Be lazy now and you will end up the rest of your life in misery.Be an active, smart and hard worker now and you will spend your life in style.So go ahead and start earning money as a freelancer!

All the best,


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