How to earn money by writing?


Freelance writing or blogging is a good way to earn from online.If you want your freelance writing career can start over.Since a website is being constantly updated on new posts and, therefore, do not reduce the demand for ever, rather than increase.But have to give much time to get started.You have to understand, correct writing style. What kind of writing that an ordinary reader or the reader can easily understand your writing fluently.

Your Writing will be simple and precise language.For this, you will need to acquire skills in English much better.Linguistic errors to be avoided. Then you can write a good quality content.

There are three ways to earn money from content writing.

  1. Freelance Blogger / Writer: You Can see Freelance marketplace Clients Article Writing / Content Writing section, you can see the posted Projects. from there, work (usually the client’s site / blog is to write articles and publish or in any part of the site content is to write) are able to earn.
  2. Guest Blogging: Here is you do another blog post as a guest.It may be for your good Backlinks. Occasionally, you can make money from guest blogging.
  3. Content Marketing: The marketers of the content, that is the main objective of your website content writing and the different ways to increase traffic to the site.It takes a little time to be the start of his income, but this income goes on once when starting .Gradually, a number of his earnings will grow.

It is a little more clear with an example.For example I am a freelance blogger or guest blogger, I don’t write for anyone or any blog post / article.But I can say that the content of the marketers because I write blog posts for my blog. And the promotion of this post, I make attention of my targeted traffic.

Now if you’re a good content writer, But too little is done to reward and you are not happy with it at all.I’m here to discuss some of the website, in which you work, the type of content you’ll be able to receive proper remuneration.


  1. Top Tenz:
  • Website:
  • A link to the application:
  • Alexa rank: 22580
  • Content writing: Legendary / kinky, lifestyle, travel, entertainment and science.
  • Payment: 50 dollars (per article)
  • Visitors: Top tenz 4 million articles published every month on average, and there are 16 million active visitors.

2. List Verse:

  • Website:
  • A link to the application:
  • Alexa rank: 3674
  • Content writing: common sense, society, lifestyle, travel, entertainment and science.
  • Payment: 100 dollars (per article)
  • Visitors: List verse article publish every month, an average of three million visitors and 80 million are active.

3. The Dollar Stretcher :

  • Website:
  • A link to the application:
  • Alexa rank: 97537
  • Content writing: money, food, family, lifestyle and home.
  • Publication group of the Dollar Stretcher, whose slogan is ‘Living Better … for Less’. Whose main goal is to help readers save time and money to do something like that.
  • Payment: 0.10 USD (per word). $ 50 for an Article 500 of the ward.

4. Reverb Press :

  • Website:
  • A link to the application:
  • Alexa rank: 36148
  • Content writing: news, politics, law, business, world, lifestyle and entertainment.
  • Payment: Not specified.
  • Reverb Press sambadabisayaka lifestyle and an online magazine, which has a dedicated, talented and smart writer. Unlike other sites mentioned here Reverb Press. Here you have to pay the regular content. So, if your application is accepted, you will act like a normal job. If you want to write on that subject, you can write about it, and besides, they will let you work on the other according to their needs. The payment is not certain, however, is based on your writing style and audience participation will be paid to you.

5. The Daily Heckle :

6. The Everyday Windshield :

7. CollegeHumor :

8. WritersWeekly :

9. WOW! Women On Writing:

10. Funds For Writers :

11. A List Apart :

  • Website:
  • A link to the application:
  • Alexa rank: 8707
  • Writing Content: Web Design and Development
  • Payment: 200 USD
  • A List Apart is a platform on the web design and development.

12. AppStorm :

  • Website:
  • Alexa rank: 11891
  • Content writing: apps (Mac, Windows, Web, iPhone, iPad)
  • Payment: $ 60 per post
  • AppStorm- any apps you just do not do reviews, as well as the use of the facility is to be discussed or tricks.

13. Photoshop Tutorials :

I am here to discussed with you some website.By entering the content you want to earn, and they will come in handy.However, before start writing the site you will read their guidelines.Should you have any content to the site before starting work as a writer to research about the site.Well aware of their payment method. How will they pay your wages, it’s better to know and understand the work will begin.

Another issue may have noticed, almost every platform you have been asked to apply as a writer. This is where you (if possible) should be nice to organize your writing and why you are a good writer, and will benefit the visitors to their sites. If needed, you can show them samples of the writing of this article (if they want).

Finally, a word to say, before the start of work as a writer on the content / article is published, it is good to read, see, and understand how the style of the article, here’s what others are writing format, social sharing of the article, etc. to comment on any content page visitor more.

And from here you can get a good idea of how you enter the site, and what do you have to work and skill.

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