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If you’re a webmaster and If you have a website that you want all of your websites is easily found by the search.For those who have Adsense, page visits is a very important issue.There are a lot of Technique search optimization, I’ll discuss How to create a Sitemap and how to submit on the search engine.Generally, Sitemap is an XML file, The main objective of this XML file content search engines what your site, It helps to bring your site up in search results.If you’re a programmer, you can create the Sitemap as your choice.But those who are not experienced enough about programming to create their websites Sitemap is an excellent site

Sitemap is very easy to create, Here I finished to create sitemap only 4 step

  1. You go to the full URL of your website ( for example
  2. Now press the Start button, they will create for you a sitemap.
  3. Now download the sitemap and upload your web server under “public_html”.
  4. Now enter the google webmaster account. for access webmaster account you have to a Gmail account.If you do not have to first create a Gmail account.


Go to Google Webmaster, click Add a site.Continue to press the button with the URL of your website.webmaster-verification

In this page, you have to ask for website ownership verify.There are 4 options here, you can make your choice Choose any options. I choose ” Upload an HTML file to your server”,  Download the Verification File and upload it to “public_html /” in your web server.Then press the Verify button.This will take you to the Dashboard, Add Sitemap where you will find the link.All information will be stored on your site with Google Webmaster and you can see it at any time in the Dashboard.

Yahoo: Yahoo sitemap submission is same as google. So you do not have to create the new file Sitemap.xml.Your URL will be required to show you can visit this page Yahoo File Explorer Here is the full URL of your website will click on the Add My Site. Microsoft’s Bing search engine has its own Webmaster Account.So you need to have a Hotmail account. With this Hotmail email account login to  Microsoft webmaster tool and submit your sitemap sitemap submission is very easy. For this, you just copy the URL [ ] and submit your sitemap.

There are also many methods for Search Engine Optimization. For example, you can use the meta tag some of your webpage.Which will help search engines understand the content of your webpage? An example I gave below:


The information you type in “double quotation” above coding of your website in the head tag.


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