How to block a website from your computer


How to block a website from your computer

We have a lot of time share on our laptop or computer to our younger brothers, sisters and friendsBut you make sure that your computer or laptop in your absence will not abuse anyone. However, if you are sure that the tension is increased because there are a lot of sites that are not good for them or not safe. In the site by mistake or if they are willing to enter their student lives could be lost. So I’ll share with you how to block unwanted websites from the computer so that no one wants, but can not access the site replayed.

If you just follow the direction straight down very easily and can block any Web site from the computer.

  • First go to the C: \ Windows \ System32 \ drivers \ etc host file to identify the locations.


  • The hosts file, right-click on the Properties option from the image below uncheck the Read Only option. Then press OK / Apply button for the finish. Uncheck-Read-Only
  • Now go to your computer from the Start menu to All Programs >> Accessories >> Notepad. Open Notepad Run as Admin. Now go to the host file and drag to the notepad or open with the notepad.
  • The address of the site you want to block the site hosts file to add the hosts file according to its own format.

For example: Address

  • More clear that the site you want to block the site and the IP address, and then type or paste is your required site.
  • For example, I want to block this site site address so that the IP address of then write your website address.Do you see in the picture below, please note …
  • Editing-hosts-file-for-block-website
  • Now you can exit  and save the hosts file in your browser, and can not access the addresses.
  • If you want to block and unblock the site simply delete the name from host file.

If you can follow the above steps correctly, then you can easily block any Web site from the computer.


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