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I’m safe, you’re in? If you’re near a natural disaster, you can tell your friends if you are safe and check to see whether they are safe.

How It Works?



Using this feature a facebook user easily can identify or mark his friends or family safe or not during the disaster.Natural disaster or an emergency crisis  people are seeking to his/her beloved person that they are good or not. At the time, the anxious relatives waiting in the affected areas or a loved one becomes difficult to communicate.In these circumstances, a necessary tool for communication or a simple communication system easily check the safety.According to Facebook officials, using the safety tool checks to during the natural disasters a person will be able to give information his/her relatives that they are secure .

The 2011 Japan tsunami was extensive damage in the earthquake and tsunami. During the crisis, how people are using technology and social networking websites, attuned to each other, It has experienced.Facebook officials, Japanese engineers used the time to take the first step in developing such a tool.They communicate with each other easily, They create “Disaster Message Board” is a tool . After the next year, they introduce about it & they got lots of response.

How does this tool work?

When this tool is active in the area of natural disasters, the Facebook notifications are not safe for the user, it will be asked. Facebook will estimate Where the facebook user currently stays and given the profile information, location feature or Usage the internet place.If the Facebook guess will not right , but stay out of the affected area can also be identified.If safe, I am safe, when it is set and a notification will show up as a News Feed story.You can also set Facebook friends to stay safe.If you are going to check on the safety of the affected area, click on the notification, but the information can find your friends.

Facebook officials said, we hope if you fall into any natural disaster and you turn the safety checks, your relatives would comfort knowing that at least you’re safe.


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