Ecommerce websites developing guidelines


Becomes a major problem new entrepreneurs to create an e-commerce website.Let’s take a look at the problem at a glance.

  1. Domain name Choose
  2. Buy a domain from which company?
  3. What would be better for e-commerce hosting?
  4. Create Website to which platform?
  5. Work in Website
  6. Website Security

Choose domain name for eCommerce website

To make a good domain name is a very important part of your or your organization.Because a domain name with the initial idea about the organization.Suppose your organization name “Walton” But you don’t choose your domain name Walton took another name, Such as As results, you lose a lot of customers. Sometimes the customer searches your business name for purchase any product but  search engine shows the exact match domain name for the specific product. for example, if your domain name is the and customer search in google for a bracelet; search engine showing your domain name because of Having your keyword in the domain still acts as a relevancy signal. They still bold keywords that appear in a domain name. you can read more about the domain.

The following are tips for choosing a domain name will follow

  • So long as it is difficult to remember long domain names, and visitors can easily remember such a domain should be like.
  • 4-10 characters domain name is good
  • Choose a name that is not confusing.Suppose you want to create a mobile website with any other organization, but the domain name was confusing to the customer will be selected so as to keep the goal.
  • Find .COM domain. but If your audience or customer will country wise the I suggest you to chose country extension domain ( .in, .bd. .cn, .pk etc)
  • Check your domain name with this domain checker; if your domain is available or not.

Where do you buy the domain?

There is a saying ”Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”  So don’t take the domain and hosting from one company. take the domain and hosting from the different company. In my opinion, you should buy your domain from a very loyal company. In case, the provider takes your domain; How much of your loss will be difficult to express in words.Well, in my opinion, is a Trusted Domain Company GoDaddy. Domains generally ranging from $5 to $10 Dollar. Prices are vary depending on the company.Domain for one year and are taken to renew at the end of the year.but I recommend you buy a domain for few years . its relevancy signal for your rank in search engine. 

Before taking the domain, you have to know about something about your domain provider.

  • Domain provider gives you  full control
  • They give you EPP Code or Secret code. It’s necessary for transfer domain.
  • At the end of the year, they take additional renewal charges. If takes additional charges avoid the company.
  • What more is available with your domain.

What would be better for e-commerce hosting?

Hosting means your website’s data / image / video will be stored in the virtual storage.For example, there are different types of hosting

  1. Shared Hosting
  2. VPS Hosting
  3. Cloud Hosting
  4. Dedicated Hosting

Shared Hosting: I never support for shared hosting; arthouse shared hosting price is low from another hosting.Why is not suitable for Shared Hosting?

  • Performance is slow.
  • When come more visitor server goes down.
  • CPU usage limit; when to Live a little more visitor  the site was temporarily unavailable.

Search to find a good hosting so don’t search cheap hosting.If the site will down for 1 minute you ‘ll lose more visitor.

Cloud Hosting: My first and last choice is Cloud Hosting for e-commerce. In Cloud hosting your site is hosted different server in a different location. As results if one server goes down another server automatically open for serve. and server speed is good. Automatically increase your limits when additional traffic will increase.That sudden spikes in traffic to your site, and lots of visitors at the same time for any reason, even if the load balancing of our cloud infrastructure and due to remain at ease. your site never goes offline. Cloud hosting company never provide small packages.

VPS: VPS means virtual private server. When A computer divided by many partitions that’s called VPS for each partition.I hope you understand.However, it is down. And difficult to manage.It can be used for e-commerce.

Dedicated Hosting: When a computer is used as a server it is called fully dedicated server. To this dedicated server we say dedicated hosting. Dedicated Hosting is suitable for eCommerce hosting, but problem is can not be gurrented for uptime.

Which one should you use it?

Which is best suited for e-commerce hosting? I think the best one is cloud hosting because of:

  • Lower costs
  • Good understanding of scalability
  • Uptime
  • High speed servers

Which Platform can be used for development?

After domain hosting now this time is for web development.

There are six ways for making eCommerce Site.

  1. Woocommerce : This is a wordpress plugin the neebie can easily use it.Without any knowledge of coding and databasae programming you can make your ecommerce site with using this plugin. You can make your nich site with using WordPress feature.
  2. Magento:  Currently the most popular ecommerce site developing plateform is Magento. This is a free open source CMS. In this CMS has varity of feature. There are many free and premium themes and plugins are available for magento.if you wish, you can create  your eCommerce web site with free theme and plugin. or you can buy premium theme and plugin from Magento website.
  3. Zen-Cart: In this time the most popular ecommerce paltfrom is Zen-Cart. Zen-Cart’s official website –
  4. OS-Commerce: Open source commerce or OS Commerce is one of popular software for online inventory system and building ecommerce site and management.
  5. PrestaShop: It is the full open source CMS. Prestashop get popularty within a few days of starting.Presta shop’s main attraction is its attractive design.Which is hardly seen in almost any other CMS. Prestashop’s Website is
  6. OpenCart: Easy to use and attractive design of open source in the Open Cart Shopping Cart. Website :

If you want to easily manage your business i ll suggest you using  Woocommerce / Opencart would be better to use.

Website Security: At this point the interest of all of us is develop your site with any platform you have to must keep your better secruties. Now a days the school student able to do  ddos attact.

  • You can use any kind of hosting but you;ve to use a best CDN Service for beter speed. MAxCDN preium version can be use. or you can use cloudflare.
  • Use strong passwords
  • You can use the Sitelock service
  • If you use WordPress, you can use WP Security plugin

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