Best Online Earnings Trends 2016


It’s no longer speculation online income is not imagine; It is the real truth. Many people earning money doing blogging, freelancing, affiliate marketing Work from home. They are earning thousands of dollars through a variety of way. But the online earning trend is changing with time. The important thing is to change yourself to fit into this trend.

For example, before two years ago, who worked in online, web design, although they do not need to responsive web design knowledge. But Now Need to responsive web design knowledge is very important. Now, this demand is high in the online sector. Here I talked to a field; Thus each of the cases, just changing the trend frequently. I’ll share below 2016 Best Online income Trends.

  1. Blogging: Since blogging is a job that  has doubts whether the next 100 years will be reduced.In fact, there is no alternative to blogging for the long-term and handsome income. You can read this article to learn more about blogging.However, if you want to start blogging; you’ve to do hard work.If you want to be rich overnight, I want to say Pls No Entry in the Blogging world.Accurate and timely planning, patience and willingness to work hard to bring you blogging success.Blogging can be a source of income from Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Image Advertising, etc.There is no income limit in blogging.Monthly 100 dollars or five thousand dollars may be also.Your amount of  income will be determined based on  blogging topics, visitor volume, market trends, SEO, etc.Therefore, 2016 is the  Best Online Earnings blogging trends. Happy blogging, Happy Earnings.
  2. Selling template or theme in Themeforest: Most of the world’s high-quality premium templates purchase / sale ThemeForest marketplace.Approved template or theme in this site  is  not very easy.However, if your template is high quality and unique it will be approved.If they are approved, but once you get it? If you don’t believe that please visit the site . one theme sells thousands of time.On sale will be sold as many times as commission up to 70% from 40%. In this site, most of the sales are WordPress theme. Submit your theme to this site and once get approve you ll earn thousand of the dollar when you sleeping. you thinking I ‘ll showing you dream. No; See the link below.

    Avada | Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

    This theme is submitted 16th August 2012.Sales so far have been 192,041 times.The developer earns few million of dollar within a few years.But yes, for the Quality theme in ThemeForest  you will have to study a lot, you have to build yourself as a professional.Learn WordPress or Joomla Theme Development. you have to need to know you learn Html, Css, Php, etc.

  3. Apps Development: How long before the whole world to respond to the news.What’s the name of the app? Yes, the app name is “Whatsapp” Facebook has been sold to 900 million dollars! This smartphone application (app) for the talk over the Internet, and chatting. There are also a lot of games apps. What are the consequences if the app is popular enough, for example, WhatsApp. Users have risen by nearly as well as the growing number of smartphones.So the market is starting to build apps.Mobile apps are actually a kind of software which can be used in mobile and tablet computers.There are also separate apps for Facebook.Games, calendar, music for play to starting from any of the apps can be made.The apps in the world market of 100 million dollars, of which will be two thousand 600 million dollars next year.When you think about joining one of the big market will be opened in front of the whole world. For Example The popular game Angry Birds app annual income of $ 19 million, five hundred thousand! If you want to build your own apps you’ve to know about programming knowledge. Again, if you have no idea about programming you can also make a company for opened apps.In future IT market will be mobile and mobile-centric applications market.
  4. Freelancing: Nobody is unknown about online freelancing.The sector has a bright career potential if IT professionals can be efficient.There are many platforms for freelancing like upworkFreelancer , Fiverr and many more.Hot Online Earnings Trends freelancing for the next few centuries.
  5. E-commerce: E-commerce businesses are increasing popularity. The most famous e-commerce site is Amazon, e-bay, Alibaba etc. There are also many more e-commerce sites in every country. If you want to e-commerce business, you have to decide now.As of late, and will be back.If you start your e-commerce business since 2016, ie, to create a beautiful site, product plan (what kind of product will be the market demand), customer support systems, and will be the site of Marketing / promotion etc.If you insert a million visitors to the site, the visitor gets the desired and quality product then you can sell more. The more you sell the more you earn, You can make money in the millions. How many millions? Only time will tell.Investment is the biggest advantage of e-commerce businesses and low investment as lower risk.
  6. F-Commerce: Income from Facebook. Facebook-based e-commerce is now known as the F-commerce. This is Social Media Marketing (SMM). lower investment even without investment can do business.You do not have a store room, business can be conducted at home.Wherever in the country, the business success will come if you deliver the buyer wanted products.F-commerce success will depend on your skills in social communication.You do not need to pay for the work.The higher the number of pages you like, your products reach more people.At the beginning invite your friends and acquaintance, and share more and more.Find out more about the F-Commerce.

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